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Harahan Recreation Department

(504) 737-2166

Recreation Director: Stuart Foley

Facility Rental Information

Reservation Guidelines

Be sure to read all the below rules and regulations before booking one of our facilities.

For more information please call (504) 737-6383.

Reservations for any Shelter, Royland Playground, or Harahan Gym can be held by calling to see if dates are available.

We have 2 Shelters located at Harahan Playground. Both are located by a play center and both have access to bathrooms attached to Shelter 1. Royland has a covered area with play equipment and 2 bathrooms. The Gym is available only when children activities are not scheduled.

The key may be picked up between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before your scheduled date and returned the Monday after rental. If the key is not returned, there will be a fifty dollar fee.

A service charge fee of $30.00 will be assessed for any returned check.

Shelter Rentals

The recreation shelters are available for rental year round under the following conditions.  Shelter rental hours for Soniat and Royland are 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.  During the summer months of May through August, rental hours will be extended to 8:00 pm.  No water games, slides, or pools will be allowed on playground property.  Loud and profanity music will not be tolerated.  Space walks must be picked up at the conclusion of the scheduled event.  They will not be allowed to be left on the city property.

Field and Gym Rentals

The Harahan Gym is available for rental on a seasonal basis for private parties and dances for an hourly rental rate.  Rental prices may vary according to the type of function to be held.  Special policies exist for league rentals.  Rental prices are based upon the type of field use category.  Rental of any City of Harahan facility may incur a utility fee.


No tickets, invitations, or publicity for your event should be issued until the City of Harahan has approved the application for rental.  The City of Harahan is to approve all publicity prior to posting at facility.


Please notify the Recreation Director within 10 (ten) working days of cancellation of any facility to receive a refund.  The Harahan Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to pre-empt or cancel any activity of our facilities.  If this becomes necessary you will be notified as far in advance as possible, and you will receive a full refund.  The Harahan Parks and Recreation Department will not be responsible for any expenses incurred prior to cancellation except for deposits and rental fees.  The Harahan Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right at any time to cancel any bookings which have been previously confirmed for ANY violation of these rules and regulations.


A special risk insurance policy (liability coverage of $1,000,000) is required for use of Space Walks and/or any other such apparatus as determined by the City of Harahan on any HRD property.  No water slides will be allowed.  Space walks must be picked up at the end of the rental and not left on city property.


All vehicles MUST park in the designated areas.  DO NOT remove any stubs, stoppers, chains or cut any chained fences or locked or chained gates.  NO vehicle is allowed to drive on any grassy area at any time, doing so will result in automatic forfeit of deposit.

Pony Rides

Live pony rides are not alloweed on any HRD property.


NO GLASS CONTAINERS AT ANY TIME. The Recreation Coordinator must approve the consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to event.  Beer truck units must be self contained and electrical hook-ups must be completed prior to rental date.  If alcoholic beverages are to be consumed during major rental event, then a Police Detail will be handled by the HRPD Director and there will be additional fees incurred.  Any rental event for groups or large numbers whether indoors or outdoors will require a Police Officer present.


Boiled seafood is NOT PERMITTED on ANY HRPD property, unless prepared by a caterer with self-contained equipment.  If boiled seafood is to be consumed on any site, then an additional $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee is required in addition to a $100.00 clean up deposit.  Seafood debris must be removed from the facility.  Failure to leave shelter area clean of seafood and or trash will result in forfeiture of any and all deposits made.

Rental Fees

Gym Rental
$120.00 (per hour)
Shelter 1, 2, or 3 Harahan Playground (Resident)
Shelter 1, 2, or 3 Harahan Playground (Non-Resident)
Field with other rental
Field with lights along with other rental
Royland Playground (Resident)
Royland Playground (Non-Resident)
Travel Ball Rental (fields or batting cage)
$50.00 (per hour)
Seafood Rental Deposits: (In addition to rental fee - Non-Refundable)
Police Detail Fee (4 hours min)
$25.00 (per hour)
Deposit Clean Up Fee
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