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Harahan's Resilience and Progress: Celebrating a Year of Accomplishments and Optimism

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

As we reflect on the past year, it becomes evident that despite facing numerous challenges, including two hurricanes, and a pandemic, our city is now better prepared for the future than ever before. This progress has been made possible through collaboration with Parish officials, our representatives in Baton Rouge and Washington, D.C., and our private sector partners, making the uphill battle more manageable.

Our dedicated City Hall team has played a crucial role in our community's betterment, earning recognition at two separate Parish events – one in Jefferson Parish and another in Washington, D.C. Their hard work and positive spirit are truly contagious.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge some of the incredible achievements from the past year:

  • Successful launch of the inaugural Restaurant Week

  • Another fantastic Harahan Music Festival despite challenging weather

  • Steady growth in sales tax revenue, breaking year-to-date records almost every month

  • Completion of the largest infrastructure project in decades – the Wilson Street Project – ahead of schedule

  • Takeover of the Sewer Plant, leading to long-term savings for the city

  • Official announcement of the Zeringue Park Revitalization Project

  • Establishment of the "Harahan Art Fund" for beautification projects

  • Exploration of Friendship City Agreements with international communities similar to Harahan

  • Commencement of work on the city's ballfields with various upgrades planned for 2023

  • Senior Center improvements, including roof and awning repairs, and kitchen remodel planned for 2023

  • Initiation of a city-wide Wayfinding signage campaign

  • Submission of over $11 million in reimbursement and replacement costs from Hurricane Ida, with funds now being received

  • Submission of over $6.2 million in Capital Outlay for the upcoming session

  • Receipt of a $256,000 Federal Reimbursement grant for infrastructure and an additional ~$525,000 in 2022 Capital Outlay

With the unwavering dedication and positive outlook of our team, 2023 is shaping up to be another remarkable year for Harahan. Please read the 2022 Harahan Annual Report for more detail on Harahan's accomplishments in 2022.


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