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Leaders Taking Their Oath

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Harahan recently held a formal swearing-in ceremony for its Mayor, Police Chief, and Council Members. It was an exciting event that brought together around 200 people, including state representatives, senators, local officials, and community members.

The ceremony was a celebration of the community's achievements and a recognition of the hard work put in by everyone involved. Despite many challenges, Harahan is moving in the right direction, and its commitment to making the community great for all is admirable.

It was heartwarming to see the support that Harahan received from the wider community, with representatives from various offices and municipalities in attendance. The presence of State Treasurer and Gubernatorial candidate John Schroder also added to the excitement of the occasion.

The community is clearly proud of its progress, and rightfully so. It's not every day that a small community can become a model for other municipalities in the area. Harahan's commitment to doing what is right, making a difference, dreaming big, and never giving up is inspiring.


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